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The Brand

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Mentos becomes a reality

On a train ride to Poland, brothers Michael and Pierre van Melle came up with the vision of a peppermint flavoured caramel candy to go by the name of Mentos. This was the beginning of a Fresh New World!

Nowadays MENTOS® is one of the biggest candy brands in the world, currently sold in more than 130 countries, where it enjoys huge brand awareness.
The brand ranks number 1 in the global mint category and 3 in the combined candy and chewing gum!


Product Identity

MENTOS® has built its fame by staying loyal to its recognizable “roll”, in the market since the sixties,which is immediately associated with the brand.

MENTOS® chewy candies are smooth on the outside, full of yummy chewy freshness on the inside – just like you. Welcome home!


Fresh and fun personality

MENTOS® is a dynamic, humorous brand with an unconventional and playful attitude. It ́s ahead of his times, highly innovative in an unconventional way that “positively surprises” everyone. A cool brand to be seen with.